Focus and Scope


Jurnal Bina Manajemen (JBM) is a peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to advancing the understanding and practice of management. This journal aims to publish high-quality research papers, case studies, and reviews that contribute to the knowledge and development of various management disciplines. The scope of the journal encompasses a wide range of management topics, including but not limited to:

1. Human Resource Management (HRM):
- Talent acquisition and retention strategies
- Employee motivation and engagement
- Training and development programs
- Performance management systems
- Organizational behavior and culture
- Leadership and team dynamics

2. Marketing Management:
- Market research and consumer behavior analysis
- Brand management and product development
- Digital marketing and social media strategies
- Advertising and promotional activities
- Sales management and customer relationship management (CRM)
- Marketing metrics and performance evaluation

3. Production and Operation Management:
- Supply chain management and logistics
- Lean manufacturing and process improvement
- Quality management and control
- Production planning and inventory management
- Operations strategy and management
- Technology and innovation in production processes

4. Financial and Accounting Management:
- Financial planning and analysis
- Investment and portfolio management
- Corporate finance and capital markets
- Risk management and financial derivatives
- Accounting standards and practices
- Auditing and internal controls

JBM serves as a platform for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to exchange ideas, present empirical findings, and discuss theoretical advancements in the field of management. We welcome contributions that offer novel insights, employ rigorous methodologies, and have practical implications for improving management practices across diverse organizational contexts. Through our publications, we strive to foster a deeper understanding of management issues and promote the dissemination of knowledge that can lead to more effective and innovative management practices globally.